• 1901 Wright Glider | full-scale reproduction
  • 1901 Wright Glider | full-scale reproduction

1901 Wright Glider | full-scale reproduction

The Wright Brothers® Flying Machines are handcrafted, museum quality, airworthy, full-scale replicas made in the USA.


1901 Wright Glider | full-scale reproduction



Originals & Reproductions

The Story:

The 1901 Wright Glider was the second of the brothers' experimental gliders.They tested it over the Kill Devil Hills, four miles south of Kitty Hawk. The glider was similar to the 1900 version, but had larger wings. It first flew on July 27, 1901, and was retired on August 17. During this time it made between 50 and 100 free flights, in addition to tethered flights as a kite.

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There is incentive pricing to encourage keeping the entire “The Wright Experience” collection in tact: 
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Hailing From:

The United States of America


    • Wingspan: 22 ft 0 in
    • Cord: 7 ft 0 in
    • Length: 14 ft 0 in
    • Weight: 96 lbs

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