• The Wright Brothers USA Replicas 1910 Wright Model A/B "Transitional" Flyer | authentic & airworthy reproduction
  • The Wright Brothers USA Replicas 1910 Wright Model A/B "Transitional" Flyer | authentic & airworthy reproduction

1910 Wright Model A/B "Transitional" Flyer | authentic & airworthy reproduction

The Wright Brothers® Flying Machines are handcrafted, museum quality, airworthy, full-scale replicas made in the USA.


1910 Wright Model A/B "Transitional" Flyer | authentic & airworthy reproduction



Originals & Reproductions

The Story:

This aircraft is the sole existing example of the Wright “Transitional” design of 1910. It is an exact duplicate of the Flyer Orville Wright brought to Montgomery, Alabama, in the spring of 1910 to train the first class of civilian pilots in the United States. The original aircraft no longer exists. Among the notable pilots who trained on the original aircraft are the following:

Walter Brookins—first civilian pilot to solo, first mile-high flight, first recorded night flights;

Arch Hoxsey—star of the Wright Exhibition Team, pilot of first flight of a U.S. president (Teddy Roosevelt, October, 1910), Wright altitude record holder (11,474 feet); and

Arthur “Al” Welsh—lead instructor of Wright Flying School, instructor of Lt. Henry “Hap” Arnold.

The Wight Exhibition Team used the Wright Transitional in 1910, performing throughout the United States. It was the first Wright Flyer to feature both a forward canard and a rear elevatorit was the transition between the earlier canard-only design and the rear elevator-only designs that followed.

This reproduction is airworthy and matches the original aircraft in every respect, including the fabric, finish, Wright vertical four engine (35 HP) and modifications made at Montgomery in 1910.

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Hailing From:

The United States of America


    • Wingspan: 41 ft 0in
    • Cord: 6 ft 6 in
    • Length: 31 ft 0 in
    • Weight: 800 lbs

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