Posted on 25 September 2018

Dayton, Ohio. BUILT WRIGHT-TO-ORDER, Wright-inspired bikes are being assembled again (after more than a hundred years) in the very city the brothers called home, Dayton, Ohio. The Wright Brothers® custom built Van Cleve™ 1896 Adventure Bicycle and St. Clair™ 1896 Adventure Bicycle invokes the spirit of innovation, persistence and the relentless pursuit of perfection exhibited by the Wright brothers themselves. The “wheels-to-wings” story will inspire pioneering pride in each ride.

The Wilbur & Orville Collection bicycles are built for every road. They’re our answer for those with the spirit to explore, no matter what your path—asphalt, cement, crushed limestone or dirt. Each Wilbur & Orville Collection bicycle comes with The Wright Brothers® Certificate of Authenticity document complete with serial number and owner registration.


In their soon-to-become-famous bicycle shop, the Wright brothers built their top-of-the-line Van Cleve model. The Van Cleves, ancestors of the Wrights, had been among Dayton’s first settlers. Inspired by the meticulous craft that went into that model, The Wright Brothers® Van Cleve™ 1896 Alfine 11 bicycle sports such innovative features as belt power drive, 11-speed internal rear hub and front & rear disc brakes. The Wright brothers named one of their bicycle models the St. Clair, paying homage to Arthur St. Clair, the first president of the Northwest Territory, which later became Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The Wright Brothers® St. Clair™ 1896 Alfine 8 bicycle with such features as chain power drive, 8-speed internal rear hub and front & rear disc brakes—all specified for a reliable adventure ride.

All bicycles will be built-to-order to fit you best. Please allow 3–4 months for delivery.

Additional features and pictures available upon request.


Founding partners, Kenneth Botts and Doug Knopp, lead The Wright Brothers USA, the exclusive global licensor for The Wright Brothers trademark, owned by The Wright Brothers Family Foundation. The trademark includes the brand logotype and icon. Appointment of The Wright Brothers USA marked the first time the foundation had commissioned an agency to create, develop and build a brand around commercial products and services bearing the brothers’ famous name. The company is based in Dayton, OH, the birthplace of aviation. A portion of the licensing royalties obtained go directly to the foundation, whose focus is on preservation of Hawthorn Hill, the Wright brothers’ family home in Oakwood, and on promoting the hometown legacy of the Wright brothers while supporting various aviation-heritage causes worldwide.

The Wright Brothers Cycle Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Wright Brothers USA. In addition to Botts and Knopp managing the organization, they have engaged the services of the highly experienced and qualified Richard Luthas to specify and hand-assemble the Built Wright-to-order bicycles from a high percentage of U.S.A.-manufactured parts, including the frames. The business model pays homage to the Wright brothers as they, too, sourced components from across the nation and assembled bicycles to order in the very same neighborhood—West Third at Williams—in Dayton, Ohio.

The Wright Brothers and other marks ®, ™ and © by The Wright Brothers Family Foundation, LLC, used under license through The Wright Brothers USA, LLC.

For more information, please contact:
Kenneth A. Botts, President
The Wright Brothers USA, LLC, 1105 West Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402-6813 U.S.A.
Tel: 937.223.7500; Email:

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