Posted on 15 January 2021

It takes a lot to stand out in today’s overcrowded sea of brands. For some marketers and brands, a connection to deceased icons could be the answer. An icon is an individual or individuals whose lasting influence and broad cultural impact replace who they were as living individuals. As such, their legacies often carry emotional importance that endures long after they’re gone.

Icons lend authenticity and awareness to a brand. By leveraging an icon as the face of a product or service, the specific brand equity and legacy associated with the icon becomes that of the brand itself. Not to mention, an icon is a shortcut to relatable storytelling. If you see a picture of Albert Einstein or Muhammad Ali, do you need more explanation? You know the message instantly, and what those icons stand for. In this age of constant noise, an icon’s powerful image can cut through that noise. And, there’s no risk of an icon misbehaving or creating negative press coverage that could ultimately tarnish a brand.

While icons are an accessible vehicle for messaging to a general audience—since practically everyone knows who they are—they’re also an effective way to target certain audiences or specific groups of consumers. For example, the Wright brothers might resonate and inspire a pilot in training, someone in the aviation industry, an engineer developing a revolutionary product, or children expanding their imagination with legos.

Timeless icons often elicit strong emotions–and make the icon bigger in a consumer’s mind than what he or she was while living, and make the product feel even more special or exclusive. While a brand may fade away and never return, an icon can always be reimagined or relived through authentic storytelling. As influencers on emotions, icons can help brands stand out even during challenging times by inspiring consumers to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and persevere in the face of tough challenges. Like the Wright brothers, for example.

The Wright Brothers® brand offer licensees, consumers & retailers a chance to leverage the American icons of creativity and innovation who changed the world forever. Global exclusivity; universal name recognition around the world; permanent historical value, an untarnished image of the brothers; association with The Wright Brothers Family Foundation; international icons of innovation; & indomitable human spirit of ingenuity, perseverance, resilience & courage. Authentic.


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