• The Wright Brothers USA Accessories Hand-propelled toy helicopter
  • The Wright Brothers USA Accessories Hand-propelled toy helicopter

Hand-propelled toy helicopter




The Wright Brothers® hand-propelled toy helicopter



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The Story:

A toy helicopter of the type that was designed by Alphonse Pénaud was given to Wilbur and Orville Wright by their father Milton. It made such an impression on the boys that it inspired them to develop their own airplane that would someday carry a person into flight. The Wright brothers have credited him as an important predecessor and attributed part of their success to the contributions of Pénaud. This toy helicopter is not intended to be a replica, but a nod to that inspiration that had an impact on the brothers.

Try it and see if it inspires your young ones resulting with a similar twinkle in their eyes.

Flight instructions

Step one (HOLD): Hold stick firmly at back of left palm with right finger tips. Be sure your fingers remain straight. Keep thumbs down. Always tilt forward away from self and others.

Step two (AIM): Tilt stick forward at an angle as you spin it.

Step three (LAUNCH): Spin the prop counter clockwise. Always push right hand forward. Squeeze and roll stick down left hand all the way past left finger tips and it will fly!

Caution: Never point the propeller at your or other’s face.

Hailing From:

The United States of America


  • Hardwood
  • Precision made
  • Soars, hovers & returns
  • Flies up to 50 feet


  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Dimensions:   8 x 1 x 9 in

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