Posted on 22 May 2020

In 1910 the Wright brothers open the first civilian flight training school in Montgomery, Alabama. They also introduce their most successful commercial aircraft, the Wright Model B (above). In the bigger picture, Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized internationally for his contributions to architecture.

MARCH 1910

Wright Exhibition company formed, with Roy Knabenshue (center) as manager, and Walter R. Brookins (right) as the first civilian student. The company continues in operation until November 1911. The fliers are trained by the Wright brothers and paid by the Wright Company.

Miss Mabel Beck engaged as secretary to Roy Knabenshue. Because of her special competence, Wilbur later selects her to work with him in connection with Wright patent suits. Following his death she became Orville’s secretary, continuing in this position until his death.

MARCH 24, 1910
Orville Wright and Charlie Taylor arrive in Montgomery, Alabama with five students and an airplane in tow. They open a flight school (above) at a location that will one day become Maxwell Air Force Base. The Wright’s first civilian students (below) are Walter Brookins, Arch Hoxsey, A. L. Welsh, Spencer Crane, and J. W. Davis. Only Brookins, Hoxsey, and Welsh made it as pilots.

MARCH 28, 1910
Wilbur completes negotiations for purchase of 17-acre tract which Wrights named Hawthorn Hill in the Dayton, Ohio, suburb of Oakwood. Plans for the home, the brothers’ success mansion, are started.

MARCH 1910
Wrights are extensively involved in The Wright Company v. The Herring-Curtiss Company and Glenn H. Curtiss patent suit. 

Wilbur and Orville submit depositions in Dayton on March 7. Wilbur goes to New York on March 7 and submits affidavit on March 12. He then goes to Buffalo on March 18 and submits affidavit on March 19, returning to Dayton on March 20.


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