Posted on 22 May 2020

In 1909 the Wright brothers demonstrated a new airplane (Model A) and the U.S. Army bought its first aircraft (Military Flyer) from the brothers. The Wrights began to manufacture airplanes and teach pilots. Also, Leo Baekeland developed "Bakelight," the first widely-used plastic, Ernest Rutherford formulated the structure of the atom, and Richard Peary reached the north pole. Louis Bleriot flew across the English Channel in a Bleriot XI.

FEBRUARY 03, 1909
Wilbur makes flight of five minutes 57 seconds, reaching an altitude of 35 meters, and another of five minutes 4-3/4 seconds, the first of a series of flights at Pau. These flights, extending through March 20, were primarily training flights with his three French student pilots.
FEBRUARY 10, 1909
Smithsonian Institution recommends that the newly established Langley Medal be awarded to Wilbur and Orville Wright “for advancing the science of aerodromics in its application to aviation by their successful investigations and demonstration of the practicability of mechanical flight by man.” President Howard Taft presented the Langley Medal to the brothers the following year.
FEBRUARY 15, 1909

Wilbur and Orville's sister, Katharine Wright, was a passenger for first time in flight with Wilbur lasting seven minutes and four seconds. Her skirt being tied down while in flight became a fashion craze.

FEBRUARY 16, 1909

Wright brothers signed a contract for demonstration flights in Germany with August Scherl, owner of the Lokal-Anzeiger, a leading newspaper in Berlin. The Wrights later demonstrated their flying machine for German royalty with Crown Princess Cecilie and Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm at Tempelhof Field.

FEBRUARY 20, 1909
King Alfonso XIII of Spain arrives in Pau, France and went to the flying field, and was introduced to the Wrights. Two early morning flights by Wilbur Wright were made in his presence. Wilbur explained plane operation in great detail to the king. Wilbur, Orville, Hart O. Berg, and Mayor Alfred de Lassence of Pau had breakfast together with King Alfonso. 

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