Wright Brothers Day 2018 — The Power of Curiosity

Posted on 16 December 2018

Wright Brothers Day 2018, the 115th Anniversary of powered, manned flight.

On the eve of Wright Brothers Day, where our nation will mark the 115th anniversary of the world's first manned, powered flight we would like to share this quote from Orville Wright regarding how their childhood influenced their later achievements.

In his interview with Fred C. Kelly for Harpers Magazine in 1939, Kelly commented to Orville that “the Wright brothers will always be favorite examples of how American lads, with no special advantages, can forge ahead and become famous.”

Orville countered Kelly’s remarks by saying “but that isn’t true because we did have special advantages” to which Kelly replied “what special advantages?”

Orville then went on to say “Simply that we were lucky enough to grow up in a home environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests. We were taught to cultivate the encyclopedia habit, to look up facts about whatever aroused our curiosity. In a different kind of environment I imagine our curiosity might have been nipped long before it could have borne fruit.”

This exchange provides great insight into how Wilbur and Orville’s natural curiosity was given room to grow. So with that, let us tomorrow not only recognize Wilbur and Orville’s achievement, but let’s also recognize Reverend Milton Wright and Susan Catherine Koerner Wright, their parents, for laying the foundation for Wilbur and Orville's success.

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