• The Wright Brothers USA Prints 14 x 11 Wright Company Series 1.5 | matted Giclée print

Wright Company Series 1.5 | matted Giclée print


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The Wright Brothers® Wright Company Series 1.5 | matted Giclée historical print



Huffman Prairie Collection


America’s first airplane factory. Workers assembling the Wright Model B: The first airplane produced in quantity, the first U.S. airplane produced under license, and the first U.S. military airplane.

The Story:

When members of the Wright family assisted in the selection of this initial Series 1 grouping of photos, they recalled their experiences while taking part in the centennial celebrations around the world. This image taken in 1911 captures the manufacturing process within America’s first airplane factory. The two original buildings built by the Wright brothers stand today in Dayton, Ohio.

Hailing From:

The United States of America


  • Certificate of Authenticity document
  • Image sourced from Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University
  • Archival matte paper
  • Acid-free matting


    • Color: Black & White
    • Print size: 14.00 x 11.00 in, 24.00 x 18.00 in & 40.00 x 30.00 in
    • Mat size: 19.00 x 16.00 in, 27.00 x 22.00 in & 40.00 x 32.00 in
    • Weight: 1.50 lbs, 3.00 lbs & 4.50 lbs

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