• The Wright Brothers Cycle Company Shirts & Sweaters XS / Men’s Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper
  • The Wright Brothers Cycle Company Shirts & Sweaters Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper
  • The Wright Brothers Cycle Company Shirts & Sweaters Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper
  • The Wright Brothers Cycle Company Shirts & Sweaters Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper

Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper




The Wright Brothers® Van Cleve® peloton cycling jersey | short sleeve, full zipper



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The Story:

Wear a cycling apparel kit from arguably one of the more famous bicycle shops in the world.

The peloton cycling jersey is designed with the features needed for everyday comfort and performance. Our peloton jersey sports a race-cut design which is a more tailored European fit that is narrower in the chest and waist than the club cut of our classic jersey. Made entirely from Genesis fabric with elastic free comfort armbands and silicone waist gripper for an excellent fit and comfort. The peloton jerseys come with three rear pockets and a full-length locking YKK hidden zipper.
Genesis fabric—soft, durable, fast-wicking performance fabric used on all panels
Comfort armbands—free of elastic or grip
• Locking front zipper—designed to eliminate zipper bulge while in the riding position, unzips with one hand
• Silicone gripper waist—the best solution for keeping your jersey from creeping up
• Race-cut design—European fit which is narrower in the chest and waist

All jerseys are custom printed to order. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Hailing From:

The United States of America


  • Genesis is a new generation of performance fabric. The micro denier Polyester yarns are designed to transport moisture through channeling, which pushes the moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate more efficiently. The micro denier yarns also provide a soft and comfortable feel along with being durable.
    – Milled in the U.S.A.
    – 100% Polyester
    – Weight 129 gsm
    – Sun Protection Rating UPF 28+
    – Durability (scale 1–5): 3.5

  • Features three rear pockets across the lower back with elastic across the top edge and reinforced stitching to accommodate secure gear storage.

  • Our traditional silicone gripper has been updated from continuous strip to a raised repeating Voler logo. The new gripper is lower profile, requires less stitching thus reducing weight and pinching.

  • Our lightest weight full-length zipper choice, 30% lighter than our normal full-length jersey zipper. The zipper's small/lighter coils and tape helps eliminate zipper bulge by easily conforming to your body. When the zipper’s pull tab is in the down position, it locks the zipper mechanism, preventing your jersey from opening more than desired. Another added benefit is when the zipper tab is flipped open it’s very easy to open your jersey with one hand.


    • Weight: .75 lbs
    • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x .5625 in
    • Color: Black with Blue accents
    • Men’s & Women’s Sizing: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL & 3XL
      This race-cut garment has a European fit that is form-fitting throughout the body. It also features a shorter length to keep the jersey at the waist, which ensures that artwork on the rear panel of the short will be visible.

    Sizing Chart

    Wear & Care:

    • AVOID ABRASION like cracked saddles and Velcro to keep you garments from snagging.
    • SUNSCREEN BEFORE APPAREL to allow sunscreen to dry and, once dressed, avoid spraying garments to keep from damaging fabrics.
    • WASH/RINSE IMMEDIATELY or air dry completely to extend the life of your garment and prevent lycra breakdown and bacteria growth (stinky-kit syndrome).

    Cleaning Tips:

    • CLOSE ZIPPER and wash inside-out, orin a garment bag, for longer lasting, vibrant colors.
    • WASH IN COLD WATER or hand wash for a long-lasting, comfortable fit.
    • LINE DRY (NOT IN SUN) and do not twist or wring out to maintain compression and fit.
    • DO NOT use softeners, iron, dry clean or use bleach. Trust us.

    Our supplier/partner Voler:

    It is not by chance that Voler proudly claims Made in the U.S.A. Voler’s commitment to the manufacturing of premium quality cycling apparel at their California factory extends beyond ensuring they produce the finest product possible; it’s about integrity in the way they treat their employees, customers, and the environment that attracted The Wright Brothers® brand to Voler.


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